Be A Dreamer

It’s interesting how when we decide we want to follow a dream we automatically come up with 100 reasons why we can’t. We are too old, it’s too stupid, no one will buy that, I can’t pull that off, I need to be “realistic”. No one worth reading about in a book has been ” realistic”. We as humans have developed and exceeded the ” realistic”. We have been able to voyage to the unknown.

We have created technology that we can carry in our pocket.

We fly to see other places, we can see outer space!!!!

None of that is “realistic”. Every single one of those people that made all these amazing things possible silenced the fear of their dream not being realistic.

I encourage you to silence your realistic and to dream big! Because that crazy idea, concept, way of thinking that you may think is not realistic can change people’s lives. We already have enough realistic people in the world. Those that go to work, clock in, clock out, and wait for their time on earth to end. We need more of those that like Joe Salatin says, “can dance to work”.

We need people that can push the limits, push expectations, and push ideas forward.

You can be that! We all need you to be that! That dream in the back of your head. Deep,deep inside hiding behind the realistic. That dream of yours can change many people’s lives including yours! Remember, you can do this!

“All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney

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