The Enemy Within

Lately I have seen something that pains me. Talented, smart, beautiful people are stuck. At first I was taken back an it puzzled me. I questioned if they saw what I did, then I remembered that I myself was once in their shoes. I felt like I was capable of much more yet felt paralyzed by fear, doubt, by inability to change who I was becoming. I had the potential to touch the moon but with the chains that kept me in hell. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and realized that my biggest enemy was within. That the darkest demons I fought everyday were the ones in my head. The ones that told me I wasn’t enough. The ones that asked who was I to find happiness and success. I felt lost and mostly I felt worn out by life. By the constant kick to the floor. It felt like for ten years I could not get up, not completely anyway.

It wasn’t until I realized I needed to act on my life instead of react to it that I was able to get up. I looked at myself in the mirror and forgave myself for allowing this dwelling to go on for this long. I repeated in loud tones ” I love you, you are beautiful.” I made it a habit to say that to silence the voice inside that said I was nothing. I reminded myself I was a badass because only a badass would go through hell and come out smarter, kinder, and more resilient.

I ask you to do the same. As broken as you may think you are you, you are stronger than that voice inside. You are capable of so much more but the harm you are causing yourself by listening to doubt will only sink you in deeper. The greatest pain is usually the one inflicted by our own mind. But I can’t tell you this. You have to convince yourself of the truth. You have to open your eyes to the truth because lies, the ones in your head, have penetrated you in hell. It is up to you to start walking and not look back. It is up to you to start talking to silence your enemy inside. Once you do that nothing or anyone will be able to disturb your peace. You will rise. Remember, can do this!

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”

African Proverb

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