Ten Habits That Will Help You Get What You Want In Life

Hey guys, I have been wanting to make a blog about habits. I know we have talked about Keystone habits and how they are important to start a life change( How Chain Reaction and Key Stone Habits Help You Become A Better You. ) So now lets talk about ten habits that will help you achieve success in any area of life and why they work. These are things that I have learned from mentors, books, and life experience.

1. Read

Okay, this is my number one habit for two reasons. One, because reading is the way out. If you don’t have a mentor or someone you look up to, a book written about people that have done it will inspire you. Two, they provide you with the key how to’s of success. Before I began reading books avidly,I honestly felt very unintelligent. I knew how to read people and I knew how to act and carry myself very well. I had been a manager in multiple companies but I felt that was all I knew. I was always afraid to speak my mind. I felt I couldn’t articulate the ideas I had in my head about the world. Now I know I still have so much to learn, you never stop learning, but books helped me make the connections between the knowledge and the action of success. Not to mention it has taught me so much about other areas of life.
Shout out: Tai Lopez: Entrepreneur – He is someone that speaks on the importance of reading.

2) Learn To Ask Questions

When we are young we question everything! So why do we stop as we get older? Maybe we got shutdown by an adult or by a classmate. Or we started feeling silly for not knowing the answer already. I think the biggest lesson we can learn from children is to do more questioning. I have learned that the key to innovation is curiosity. Asking questions is the only way to progress in life. Most importantly asking the right questions. You can only do this by practicing. I challenge you to ask your children or any kid that knows you well about yourself. I always ask my kids, “What do you think makes mommy happy? What makes mommy sad? What is mommy’s favorite activity?” You will be surprised about the observations they make about us adults. I also challenge you to question more, be curious.
Shout out: Ken Coleman – Is a bestselling author and in his book “One Question ” he speaks on the importance of asking the right questions to get people to give you information you need and the questions that help you build stories.

3) Surround Yourself With The Right People

I think we have all heard this. Surround yourself with like minded people. Even though that is correct to some degree, I have also learned something that we don’t hear that often -The 33% rule. Thirty-three percent of your time should be with people above you, more successful. This is mentors, bosses, or people you can learn from . Thirty-three percent of your time should be spent with people at your level “like minded people.” People in the same grind as you aka your friends. Thirty-three percent should be spent with people underneath you. People you can teach or mentor. Volunteering to help the less fortunate or mentoring/coaching children is the perfect way to do this. The last 1% you will spent it by yourself. Time to reflect, plan, mediate.
Shout out: Tai Lopez speaks on the 33% rule in his “67 steps” online course. He goes more in depth of why the 33% rule works and how it can help you become more successful.

4) Seeking Clarity

I have said this before in my Clarity is King blog which you can check out. I give you four questions you need to ask yourself before you set goals.

In order to go and do anything you need to know where you are going. People will go further in their careers if they know exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish. That really goes for anything. High performers seek more clarity then average people. Know what it is you are trying to accomplish.
Shout Out: Brendon Burchard’s book ” High Performance Habits” touches on the habit of clarity and how it can take your game from average to high performance. This book is on fire and is truly a must read for those seeking to make the jump from average to world class.

5) Learn To Log

Now this one is something that to be honest I struggle with. I am getting better at it and the reason why I put the effort on this habit is because it is very important. Have you noticed that when you are trying to lose weight logging what you eat helps. When you are trying to set goals you log them. You get new procedures at work those get logged. People that innovate have some sort of journal where they log their ideas. You want to change your life logging what you currently like about it and what is draining your energy will help you understand what to emphasize on and what you can change. When you log you get… you guessed right, clarity!
Shout Out: Bill Burnett and Dave Evans- Stanford University design educators and authors of ” Designing Your Life” . They show you how to successfully log to build a joyful and fulfilled life.

6) Be Physical

Many people have their eye on one thing. Becoming “rich.” They want to be in sweet lives but they assume they can get that in a “four hour work day.” Let me just burst that bubble. That doesn’t exist! If you want to be successful you will have to put in work, longer than four hours worth. You will need to have lots of energy for that. Working out is a must if you want to reach a higher level of performance. Get active!
Shout Out: Brendon Burchard: Author of the book “High Performance Habits“. In his book he also talks about the need for working out to create energy to be a high performer.

7) Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Yes this is a habit. If you make an effort to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, things that push you out of your bubble, it becomes a habit. Starting this blog was me pushing myself WAY out of my comfort zone. I wanted a corporate life and be successful that way. However, my love for helping people required me to take on a completely different path. Looking back when I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone I have been able to accomplish things that I would not have if I had stayed in my bubble. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable is a must to reach success.
Shout Out: John O’ Leary – Inspirational Speaker and author of “On Fire“. This book honestly changed my life. I cried, I laughed, I realized that I had to push. Through the book he pushes himself to recovery after a childhood fire and wonderful things happen.

8) Schedule With Greed

Let me ask you a question. When you get up what is the first thing you do? I bet its either answer emails or scroll through social media. The outside world should not come before you. I know it sounds selfish and that’s because it is! You have to be selfish with your time. Don’t give your time away to things that don’t better you. My first two and a half to three hours of my day are spent on me. Things that help me better myself. How am I going to give you my best if I don’t work on myself. I always say your personal developement comes first, anything important can go around that, if it didn’t fit in your day it wasn’t important.
Shout Out: This one has to go to multiple people. Chrissy Wright- “Business Boutique“. Brendon Burchard- ” High Performance Habits“. Mel Robbins- “5 Second Rule”

9) Be Observant

Reading people is a skill that you will find beneficial if you plan on having any type of relationship. Reading people needs to become a skill that you can at least be decent at. People in the service industry are great at this. They can predict who will have dessert, who will be paying the tab, and who will most likely not leave you a tip. This is such a powerful thing because guess what? Based of that, you can be the one dictating the course of interacting with the other person. You can turn that no tipper into a great tip. Make it a habit to observe people. A lot of this I learned at a young age. I worked in different places as a server but I made it a point to be in places where I would be around millionaires. I have catered at million dollar homes and been around people that have political power. I loved to observe them. Watch how they carry themselves. How they move their body, how they interact with other people. Someone that fascinated me was Tommy Hilfiger. I got called years ago to help a former presidential chef at a very exclusive party. A lot of celebrities and social lights. One caught my eye, Tommy. In the media he seemed like the life of the party but in real life he sat in a corner and observed. He was quiet and payed attention closely. So when someone approached him he already had a sense of them.
Shout Out: Thomas Jacob aka Tommy Hilfiger- Founder and designer of the clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger.

10) Visualize

I want to end the list with I think the number one habit which is Visualizing. This one is plain and simple if you can’t see yourself at the finish line. If you can’t see yourself championing you won’t.
Shout Out: Charles Duhigg- author of “The Habit-Why we do what we do in life and Business” . He talks about visualization and mentions how Michael Phelps visualizes himself in the swimming meets days before the meets.

I hope you start using some of these habits and begin your road to success. Remember, you can do this!

” We are nothing but a result of our habits “


Written by: Lupita G.

13 thoughts on “Ten Habits That Will Help You Get What You Want In Life

    1. Exactly, and we have to remember that our experience are different. There is always something you can learn from someone else. Your life is different than mine so I can learn so much from your experiences. Which is why I write, I want to share mine 😊. You write as well?


      1. I’m starting to. At the moment i’m trying to make it a weekly thing, and go from there.. I’d really like to hear your opinin about my blog when ever you have the time!


  1. Love the post, I’ve always been someone who gets all their inspiration and advice from reading and I can proudly say i follow a lot of your advice already.


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