Why are you not following your dreams and goals? Is it because the time is not right? Or maybe because the money or circumstance is not right. Stop with the excuses! There is no such thing as the right time. I know it is scary to leave your comfort zone. You tell yourself you are not gonna make it to the finish line. That you will not succeed. Why? Because hiding behind excuses seems easier than to actually try. Deep inside you are so afraid of failure you choose to be a failure. You choose to say it’s not the right time and stay at the starting line. But who does that benefit? Not you! It benefits no one! If anything it hurts you because now you are living an illusion. You think you are living and moving forward but in reality you are just moving in circles at the starting line.

Give up your excuses and start moving forward. Start making changes. It does not matter if it’s small steps at a time or leaps as long as you continue to move forward towards your goals. Tell yourself that the time, money, and circumstance is just right. Because today, today will be the day you begin to search for purpose. Today you will follow your dreams. Today you will set goals and begin to move forward. Today you will stop with excuses because you deserve more than that. You deserve a life full of purpose and success. Remember, you can do this!

Excuses are an illusion for truth you tell yourself to justify your inability to take action


Written by: Lupita G.

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