Wake Up! – motivation

In life there are three type of people. There are people that watch things happen, then there are those that make things happen, then lastly, those who wonder what happened. Don’t ever be the one that doesn’t take control of their life. If you are going through life just clocking in and clocking out what are you waiting for? Why are you asleep? The world, your loved ones, and your goals need you to wake up! Stop wondering how life would be if you just stuck to your goals. Stop wondering how you body would feel if you just stuck to a healthy lifestyle. Wakeup! Don’t be the one watching all your childhood friends accomplish amazing things and you be stuck at home playing video games or “Netflix and chilling”. I don’t care if you start small just start. Just stop living a illusion you call life. Stop hiding behind ” oh I have responsibilities,” or ” right now is not the right time.” Right now is the perfect time to love your body and your health more than orange is the new black. Right now is the perfect time to read and work on your craft instead of passing a new level on your video game. Stop focusing your time on gossip about people that are putting themselves out there. You have no right to judge, ridicule, or punish those that have decided to wake up and take control of their life.

Don’t be afraid to take control. I know it can be scary. Specially if the world around you is still asleep, and wondering. You deserve truth, and true happiness. That can’t be accomplished when you wish you had the life of others. Liking and scrolling through images of others either living their lives or pretending they are living their lives. Focus on your life. Focus on your goals! You are capable of accomplishing anything the question is are you willing?

Remember, you can do this!

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