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Today you may have woken up sore, tired, hurt, drained. Your idea is just not being heard. Your music, your art, your talent is being unrecognized. Your body has had enough! You are hurt physically and mentally. You feel like no matter how hard you push your body it is just not progressing. That no matter how many great ideas you have your boss is just ignoring you. You feel small, you feel like maybe you are just not good enough. You feel like…… it’s time to give up.


No matter how difficult you situation may be don’t give up! No matter how many times you fall get back up!

People like Jeff Bezos, Martin Luther king Jr., Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Oprah, had to continue on when everyone said they couldn’t. They had to push forward when people felt they had no talent. When people said their ideas would never work. Today they are who you and I look up to. They are the epitome of talent, brilliance, and trailblazing. You can be that person!

Generations after you can be talking about your creations, your talent, your music.

They can talk about how your business shaped how they do things.

But that can’t be if you give up. You will not reach the body you desire if you give up. Continue on! All the pain you may feel is temporary but the regret of giving up will hunt you for a lifetime. Remember, you can do this!

Pain and discomfort is temporary. The regret of not pushing forward with your dreams will last a lifetime


Written by: Lupita G.

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