The Mindset Of A Great

Many people only dream to be great or create greatness. Greatness to so many seems like dreamer talk. As if that could only happen to talented, touched by god, predetermined people. I was listening to Kobe’s story, one of the greatest basket ball players of all time. He sucked his first year in basketball camp. He didn’t score once! Yet we saw him year after year dominate in the Lakers. He broke records, won championships, and inspired so many. How did he go from no scores to a legend?


You have to understand that you can reach anything you want in life! The question is not whether it is possible or not. The question is are you willing? Are you willing to begin, to face the dream, to decide that it is what you want. Because the moment you decide that, you then must obsess about it. It is no longer a dream but instead a goal. It is no longer something out of your reach. It is well thought out steps. It is deconstructing your goal into small steps as if breaking down a play. Then it is working so hard people think you’re in madness. It is outworking everyone around you because watching your goal slip from your hands is not an option!

You thought the work was done?

No! Greatness comes from facing your fears and facing your mistakes. I have said this to you before and I will say it again. You learn more from your mistakes then from your triumphs. The key though is to face them. It is analyzing where you could have executed better and going back to the drawing board again, and again, and again.

You see greatness is not rocket science. No. It is sweat, blood, and tears. Now let me ask you this,

Are you willing to be great?

Written by: Lupita G.

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