It’s Not About You- Motivation

We all want to be individuals next to one another not intertwined. We live in a world where it’s all about me. Me,me, me. We no longer live for others. We have so many self help books and not enough books to help others. We have technology that people like Leonardo Da Vinci’s or Michaelangelo’s imagination wouldn’t even fathom. Yet we live so deep in sorrow. We live with such self pity. Our world becomes so big it overwhelms us when now more than ever technology has made our world so small that we have the necessity to adventure out to other planets.

The problem is our self focus. We live for what we stand for, which is mostly what will make us more comfortable. It is not for real change. We want to do what is quicker. What will get me quicker money, followers, lovers? We want the avenue with less effort.

You love to get attention, and to feel like you matter. We ask what can they do for me? How much do they love me? Why can’t people understand me? Why is everyone getting ahead except for me? Why are people so unfair to me?

We want people to live in our world.

We no longer ask how can I show my lover that I care? How can I help someone? How can I champion others?

You see I use to think that the more attention I got the more important I was. The more times I was on stage, behind a mic, or in front of a camera the more I mattered. The truth is that the more I focused on me, the more miserable I was. The more eyes on me, the deeper I was in sorrow. It wasn’t until my life became about others that I was able to truly be happy. The moment I stopped focusing on how life was being unfair towards me. How cruel people had been to me. It was then and only then that I learned to forgive those that hurt me.

You see only by letting go of the idea that people act towards you, that you will stop having the necessity to react. You will begin to take action on your life. Let go of the idea that you must punish those that have hurt you. The truth is that they didn’t hurt you, they hurt your ego and your expectations. That idea of, how could they have done that to me?

And before you begin with your self pity talk of who is she to say that I need to forgive? My situation is different. People don’t understand me. I have been betrayed by my own family, hurt by those I loved and I forgave them all. I forgave a system that punished me for being me. I forgave those that labeled me as something I wasn’t.

You are only punishing yourself by not forgiving. You are So focused on the outside world and how they should act towards you.

Don’t punish yourself for something you have zero control over. Don’t live in self pity. Instead focus on how you can give to the world. I promise you the moment you do, the less you will suffer. The more you love the more love you will receive. Lend a helping hand. Cheer someone in need. Hug someone in pain. Live for others and your life will change. Remember, you can do this!

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