What We Take For Granted

Oh how much we take for granted.

I stood there upset , wanting a moment of silence. A moment to myself.

I just wanted silence!

I closed my eyes and I remembered all the times I was alone. The coldness I felt, the pain, then suddenly loneliness filled my body. A rush of sadness reached my throat and a tear dropped. We take our loved once for granted.

We take so much we take for granted

We spend our time wanting to be right. We want victory so bad that we are blinded about how much we hurt those that love us. We walk in and out of our home, doors slammed, silent car rides, phone calls never made. Another day in our lives.

Never let the busyness of an outside world rush you to not notice a mother’s love, a child’s need, a friend’s laugh or a partner’s smile.

We need to love like it’s our last day. Laugh until it hurts. Tell your loved ones you love them. Every time you walk through your doors it should be like you haven’t seen them in years. Feel their warmth , smell their sweetness, hear the music in their voice. Acknowledge a friend, hug your parents, kiss your partner.

Because being happy is not always being right. No battle won is worth a war lost. No anger today will be worth a life full of regret. Nothing and I mean, nothing! Will matter when you see them gone. The fact that you were right today will not matter when you stand in front of their grave.

So as I stood there wanting to be alone I remembered the regret I felt not telling my father how much I loved him. I decided to tell him how much I needed him until I was standing by his bed, begging him to stay as he took his last breath.

I opened my eyes to what truly matters

I won’t make that mistake again and I don’t want you to make that mistake either. Enjoy today, enjoy your loved ones. Don’t take anything for granted, especially those closest to your heart.

I love you.

Dedicated to my sweet children Janelle and James.

You mean the world to me.

Every day is a blessing. Everyday with your loved ones is a miracle. Don’t waste it.


Written by: Lupita G.

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