Be Your #1 Fan

These past couple of days I watched something interesting happen to us. We had the World Series going on, basketball, football, and the all exciting lottery. I saw people get so excited, nervous, anxious, emotional, passionate, and most of all happy. How is it that something we have no control over can get us this excited?!

Get emotional about the situation you find yourself in today. Get angry, get fired up. Then get up and take action to change it! Get nervous over creating, or trying something new. We need to with the same enthusiasm create our lives. We must get excited everyday to get up and execute on our goals. Stop spending hours wondering who you are going to draft for your fantasy team and start asking yourself what book I can pick up that will help me get where I want to go. Because your happiness depends solely on you. Not on whether a baseball player can hit a home run.

Fan over yourself. The same time and emotion you spend on your favorite players should be then multiplied by ten and that’s the energy and emotion you should have over yourselves. You are the most valuable player on your roster. Watch your stats. How well are you performing? Would you trade yourself ? Or are you on fire?

The investment you make on buying your favorite players jerseys, and game tickets is better invested on you!

Create your own luck by going out, taking risks, by looking for opportunities. The chances of you winning the lottery is 1 in millions. Millions?! How about you create millions instead of hoping that maybe by a miracle you get the lottery. Because successful people don’t sit at home hoping the get answer handed to them. They go out and find solutions.

You are capable of great things. I can see it in how you get excited, mad, frustrated. I see it in your passion. You just have to redirect that energy to what matters most… YOU! Remember, you can do this!

Written by: Lupita G.

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