You Are Worthy

So many limitations we create for ourselves. These are things that stop us from real growth. Things that keep us stuck in the same place, same job, same friends, and same unhappy feeling. We tell ourselves we can’t because it hasn’t been done. That we can’t because we don’t know enough, or we don’t have the resources. Many will say they are excuses. That the moment we stop moaning and complaining we can actually start reaching out goals. I believe it goes deeper than that.

It is the believe that you are not worthy enough to have what you desire. It’s that imbedded doubt of

” Who am I ?”

Or ” Why would the universe reward little ol’ me.” “Why would I have success if no one in my family has ever had success. How am I different?”

I want you to ask yourselves this, WHY NOT?

You are worthy of trying. You are worthy of fighting for what matters to you. Your story, your voice, and your fire matters to the world. We need your ideas and your talent. Know that you can change the world by speaking your truth. You are capable of touching people with your music, your art, your personality, your will to be better. Don’t question your right to knowledge.

You deserve to know, to grow, and to teach.

Your story of struggle will inspire others to rise. But you must rise first. Get up! The world is eager to know your story and your ideas. You must understand that the world is waiting for what you have to offer. You need to believe you can because you are worth it.

You will reach your dream because it’s already yours. It already exist for you. You need to just go get it. Do you get that? Go get what already belong to you! Stop being afraid or feel you are not worthy of what belongs to you. You are enough and you have what it takes to reach your dreams. Because only you can do what god is setting you out to do. Everything you have witnessed till now was to prepare you. So you can now step into your purpose.

You were created to be great!

Remember, you can do this!

Written by: Lupita G

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