Don’t Apologize

People will always try to live by their limitations. Their comfort zone is a sweet spot for them. They rather be miserable, lonely, bitter, and unhappy than to step outside of what they know. Their fear of failure hinders them and ties them to a life they will regret at the end of their days.  But not you, no! You want more out of life! You have dreams that seem impossible for those that don’t dare to dream. You have goals that will set you apart from the average. So don’t apologize. 

Don’t apologize for having dreams. For wanting more. For not going out every weekend with friends no matter how many times they guilt you. You understand that you must sacrifice fun for a future you don’t need a vacation from. You know you must spend hours on your craft in order to get good enough to deserve a shot. Don’t apologize.

Ladies, don’t apologize for wanting more than to be a stay at home mom. For wanting more than to be a wife. Your life doesn’t belong to everyone and how you show up for them. Your life belongs to you! It is okay to want to be an identity outside of your family. It is okay if you don’t want a family. Your sole purpose is not to bare children but instead to impact the world and leave it a little bit better than how you found it. You don’t need to marry into money because you know you can  make your own. You don’t need to chase boys because you have a better purpose. Don’t apologize.

Let them talk, let them be angry. People’s comfort, egos, and happiness is not your responsibility. You are responsible only for your happiness. If having a business, pursuing that career, traveling the world, impacting people. If conversating with people that speak only of dreams and goals instead of people is what makes you happy don’t apologize. 

 Everything you are doing today to fulfill your dreams will pay off. Your early rises, you endless work, your obsession over your craft. All of that will be worth it. You will live a life of freedom and purpose. Remember, you can do this!

written by: Lupita G. 

📸Pictures by: Tom Chen/ Guilherme Stecanella/ Johannes Plenio / Javier Allegue Barros / William Bayreuther

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