The Importance Of Mindset

I have had some amazing few months with my health and I couldn’t wait to share with you. I have talked to you guys about the fact that I have Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, and Fibromyalgia. They are chronic illnesses that have been effecting my life for the past years. As I have explained in other blogs there are a million things that can make them flare up, and according to doctors only one pill to make it better. This is not the Matrix,

I knew one pill wouldn’t take away all my problem. So I began to study how and when I felt at my worst and when I felt at my best. After countless tries of so many doses of medication and diets I realized something interesting. It wasn’t when I had a certain dosage that I did better. It was when I was happy that I did better. It was when I had control of my life with my diet and my state of mind that I did better. More happiness meant less stress which meant less irritation to my body. I have a blog where I explain how positivity can reduce stress where I explain the science behind it if you want to check it out.

So if my positivity was making me better it could only mean that my negative Nancy attitude was making me worse. How could I maintain a positive attitude? It was then that I noticed positivity had to begin somewhere. It began with mindset, visualization, and letting go of toxic energy.

I have always been a believer of mindset and that what we think we can create. I also believe that what we consume we become but I felt this was for when you wanted something like a promotion. To be quite honest I didn’t do much to really analyze this concept in my life until three years ago. I was like so many of us that say we are a certain religion but don’t really practice it. I knew my capabilities to influence and create my world was there but I didn’t realize two things.

1. That I could do this for my health

2. That I was doing it but with my negative thoughts!

My practice for this believe hadn’t been nourished in years because I had bought in to the pain and struggle ever since my father passed away. I had moments when I used it but the consistency for it wasn’t there to create real change. I had been consuming so much crap for 11 years and I felt like I could no longer change it permanently. I had been consuming stress, toxic believes, hardships, unhealthy food. I had been in toxic environment after toxic environment. So could it be that my health was my fault?

The good, the bad, and the ugly

We have to understand one thing, the brain doesn’t know what is real and what is imaginary. Fibromyalgia is the poster child for that. You have widespread pain throughout your bones and joints even if there is nothing wrong with you. Why? Because there is a communication glitch between your brain and your spinal cord.

When you hit your toe on the coffee table in the middle of the night it mother efen hurts!

The signals travel from your toe, to your spinal cord, up to your brain. Then your brains tells you this really hurt curse whoever made the table!

However, with Fibromyalgia there are more pain signals being sent to the body. But what if we could tell our brains we are okay. That as a matter of fact we are magnificent. Could we reverse the signals down to the spinal cord? The brain is in constant communication with the rest of our body so don’t undermine the power of your brain. It dictates everything. Its up to you if you want it to be Mother Teresa who cares for your body or Kim Jong -Un who wants to destroy everything with toxic bombs.

Tonic believes create tonic results. Toxic believes creates toxic results

-Michael Bernard Beckwith

By knowing that the brain doesn’t know what is real and what is imaginary, and that what we think we can create we can open a Pandora box of possibilities! We can decide what type of reality we want to create and what part of our current reality want to let go. Anything is possible! Its up to you if you want your life to be good, bad, or ugly.

How to master this dicipline

Negative believes

If we don’t get rid of toxic believes it doesn’t matter how much positivity you surround yourself with your will always be dragged to the dark side one way or another. You must..

*Find the root cause

You cannot go forward if something is holding you back. It’s like a slingshot. You must go backwards to propel you forward. If you go forward with a force holding you back you will fall on your face and reality will always drag you back. Face what the root cause of your anger, pain, sorrow, and sadness is.


You must forgive! You must forgive! You must forgive! Holding grudges causes stress. Stress causes us to be negative. Negative thinking causes us to create negative realities! If you truly want to move on you have to forgive. Because by not doing so you are allowing the person or circumstances that hurt you to win again and again. You become a victim and as I have said before victims are people without power. You are giving away your power to the person that hurt you. Is that what you want?! I don’t think so. Forgive not to let them off the hook but to give yourself peace and to gain your power back.


Nourish your mind and your soul with reminders. Let your mind know it has forgiven and that it is safe. This create space for the next stage.

Positive believes


I wake up every morning at about 4:30 am to do a couple things. One is meditation. I lay in bed with music for meditation. I clear my head I silence my mind. I do this every morning for about 5 mins. Then..

* Visualization

I begin to visualize. These past couple of weeks I have begun to incorporate this to my morning because it makes me feel better physically. I picture my body and I visualize my illness as red energy. I shrink it. I picture it’s getting smaller. I use to do this technique a bit differently before. When I use to massage my mom or kids I would end at the tips of the toes and fingers. And I would close my eyes and try to pull out all the negative energy. I would say ” all negative energy leave this body. ” Now I do it in my own body. After I work on visualizing shrinking my illness for another 5 mins I move on to my future. I picture how I would feel once I am healthy, happy, and successful. I imagine myself in front of people. Inspiring them, moving them into action. I imagine myself full of meaningful work. In 15 minutes I have silenced the negative, healed my pain, and imagined my future. Then I put on a motivational track and I am ready, excited to workout!


This is not something you do once and tada! You must work on it daily. For me it has been months in the making. Be patient and you too can create a better reality!

I encourage you all to watch the documentary “Heal” on Netflix. After watching this documentary I knew I was on the right track and it helped me understand the science behind the power of our thoughts and our pain.

Remember, you can do this!

Written by: Lupita G.

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