Ted Talk- 30 Must Watch Talks To Inspire You

My love for Ted talks began when I wanted to change my life. I needed motivation but importantly I needed information, clarity, and inspiration. Ted talks were the perfect mix of ideas, stories, formulas, and results that I needed to hear. I want to share 30 of my favorite with you. Some will be in English and some will be in Spanish, but they all share knowledge that can help you learn, and get inspired to take action.

1. Simon Sinek-First why then trust

We can’t talk about Ted talks and inspirational people without talking about Simon Sinek. Simon, well known for the importance of why in corporations and in your personal life, explains this concept and the importance of trust. How they both go hand in hand and how that can help you achieve what you want.


2. Mel Robins- How to stop screwing yourself

Mel Robbins is the queen of no bs. In this Ted talk she talks about you keeping it real with yourself. I love this Ted talk because she forces you to face your mediocracy. We can all live in auto pilot but she forces you to take action now! Not in 5 mins, now!


3. Marisa Peer-How to reach beyond your limits by training your mind

I have talked to you about Marisa Peer and her work before. She is an amazing therapist that started the #youareenough movement. She talks about the power of your mind. How we contribute to our health, self-esteem, and what we have or not have in life by our thoughts.


4. Vanessa Van Edward- You are contagious

I am the biggest nerd when it comes to body language so its no surprise I love this talk. Vanessa Van Edward will give you fascinating studies on how to be more likeable. How your body, expressions, and tone of voice can be contagious. This can come in handy when in social events, networking, work, and just anywhere.


5.Tai Lopez- Why I read a book a day

Tai Lopez is someone I give credit to for my love for books. To be honest before listening to him and starting his academy I felt knowledge was so out of my reach. When I realized that knowledge was in my reach and it was between the covers of books it changed everything for me. In this very Ted Talk Tai talk about the impact reading can have in your life.


6. Scott Geller-The Psychology of self motivation

Scott Geller will show you how changing your mind frame will help you be motivated enough to take action. He tells you three question you should ask when starting something, and the four Cs of motivation. Such an inspiring talk.


7. Lori Harder- Turn your struggles into strengths

Lori Harder shares her story in this Ted Talk. She opens up about her struggles throughout her life with weight and how she turned it into positives. She went from a little girl getting bullied to an entrepreneur, and inspiration to many young girls and women.


8. Guy Winch- How to practice emotional first aid

Guy Winch talks about the importance about mental health. About the isolation and disconnect of loneliness. How loneliness can actual have negative effects on your physical health. This Ted Talk helped me understand my own feelings of loneliness, failure, and how to process relationships and rejection.


9. Matt Abraham- Think fast. Talk smarter

Matt Abraham, a professor, talks about public speaking. He talks about four concepts to public speaking and story telling. I loved this Ted Talk because it helped me understand the process of communication.


10. Amy Morin- The secret of becoming mentally strong

Amy, who tells her story of multiple losses and pains in life, shows us how to be mentally strong. She reminds us that we need to stop comparing ourselves to what we see on social media. I truly love her story.


11. Charles Duhigg- The power of habit

If you are into personal development then you have probably heard of the book ” The power of habit.” Charles in his Ted talk explains the concepts in his book. He talks about the science of habit and how we can change our habits to help us achieve things in life.


12. Ranbir Puar- Building strong children

This is such an interesting talk. It helped me understand and questioned how I was raised and how I want to raise my children. How midlife crisis is just our way of externalizing our childhood troubles.


13. Adam Grant- Are you a giver or a taker?

This is such a fascinating talk! I am a giver and it made me understand how to protect my productivity but how to also manage and protect the givers I come in contact with in life and at work. It gave me science to how I managed. I was on the right track but this gave me more things to consider when managing.


14. Rupi Kaur- I’m takin my body back

Such a touching talk. Rupi Kaur is a poet and she recites a poem about sexual abuse. She talks about home. What that means and what it means to be home sick. I cried because I related more than I thought I would. She put beautiful art to what I once had to do to regain my home within me.


15. Kelly McGonigal- How to make stress your friend

I have talked about this talk in previous blogs https://betteryouspace.com/2019/01/29/can-positivity-help-you-deal-with-stress/. Kelly talks about the importance of reframing stress. This was such an aha Ted talk. It helped me begin the chain of actions that helped me become healthier.


Para Mi Gente

16. Omar Chapparro- Te reto ser feliz

This is such a funny and necessary talk. Many Mexicans know Omar as a famous actor and comedian. However, in this talk he talks about finding your why, getting out of your comfort zone or as he calls it “la zona huevona.” Such an inspiring talk.


17. Paulina Cabos- Parate, vence tus miedos

This woman is such an inspiration! I see myself so much in her and understand where she is coming from which is why I loved this talk. Paulina is an entrepreneur that began her entrepreneur life at a young age when she left home. She wanted to succeed so bad she made choices that she later regretted. After many years of selling on the streets she knew she wasn’t reaching her full potential. She didn’t know to reach the next level so she began to educate herself. After many years of success she discovered the formula to true success which is (attitude+knowledge+action)love= success . (actitud+aprendisaje+accion)amor=exito


18. Omar Villalobos- Te educaron para ser chingon

This is a TEd Talk I think all Latinos need to watch. Omar Villalobos explains how Latinos get raised and how that effects how we carry ourselves as adults. I found myself nodding in agreeance the whole talk.


19. Yordi Rosado- El cerebro de los adolesentes y ¿Porque actuan asi?

In this Ted Talk Yordi Rosado, who is a producer, actor, comedian, and presenter, opens up about his encounter with a suicidal teen. He explains how parenting should be done to better fit the teens of this generation. This Ted Talk is very important because I know there is a disconnect between Latino parents and their children. There is a miscommunication. I have talked to you about this in a previous blog https://betteryouspace.com/2019/03/15/the-pressure-for-children-of-immigrants-to-make-their-parents-proud/


20. Mayra Arena- ¿Que tienen los pobres en la cabeza?

This is another Talk I think all Latinos need to watch. Mayra explains the phenomenon of poverty and poor people. It’s simple to say that poor people are lazy but as she explains it can have a lot to do with education. Such a great talk.


21. Daniel Habif- Man on fire

Daniel talks about the problem of individualism in Mexico and how we must live on fire and ignite others to take action. How we must lose as individuals to prosper as a country. To not look for only our benefits but to learn to be leaders and mentors. He is such a great motivational speaker.


22. Daniel Habif- Creencias

In this piece Daniel opens up about his life, The struggles of going from a child star to a paletero (ice cream man) then now someone with Lime disease. But how in all we are what we believe.


23. Enrique Guajardo- El pretext perfecto para vivir una meta

This Ted Talk is about an amazing story. Enrique, an inspirational man who from a young age had to fight cancer multiple times, talks about living with purpose. To enjoy life while you have it.


24. Fernanda Castillo- La voz del artista

Being an influencer or having a voice is many times opportunities wasted. Fernanda Catillo, a very well know actress, understood that when she realized she had a voice. She talks about our responsibility as influencers to stand for something.


25. Cesar Lozano- Cambia tus pensamientos y cambia tu actitud

This is such a funny but very motivational talk. It talks about mediocracy, attitude, mentality, and life principals. I enjoyed this talk because Ceasar Lozano gives a relatable approach to principals of life.


26. Francisco Benitez- El secreto de las oportunidades

Such a silly story but with a great message. Francisco Benitez talks about the secret to success which is attitude and charisma. With this alone he ends up getting a position in apple even though he proves to know little to nothing about technology.


27. Mariana Atencio- What makes you special

So many times we focus more about what makes us so different from others, or how others are not like us. Mariana, a reporter, talks about the importance of finding what makes you special. That when we celebrate our differences its when we can grow.


28. Leezia Dhalla- Hiding in plain sight

I like this talk because it gave me a different view of immigration. When I thought of immigrants I usually thought of Latin Americans, I thought of people like me. . This brave Indian young lady though shows the face of other immigrants. Leezia speaks on the problem with our immigration system.


29. Vanessa Vancour- Im Mexican does that change your assumptions

I highly, highly recommend this! Vanessa talks about assumptions. As a white Mexican American she has heard many assumptions about her, about Latinos, and about gringos. We live in a time where we assume so much, we judge, or feel judged. We need to start assuming less and reaching out more.


30. Luis Meja- The involuntary immigrant

Another amazing story of an immigrant dreamer. The struggle of the broken immigration system and how it effects the children brought to this country and see this country as their own.


All these Ted Talks of different stories, knowledge, and languages makes one thing clear, we are all just trying to be the best version of ourselves. I hope these stories have inspired you to take action on your dream and it has given you knowledge and inspiration to make it feasible. If you have seen a Ted Talk you think we should watch, share it! Let is know in know the comments. Remember, you can dot his!

Written by: Lupita G.

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