Self Care For Longevity – 36 Self-Care Ideas

In my last blog ( Success and mental illness ) I mentioned how self care is important to be able to reach success. So, what exactly is self care, how can we do it, and why is it important for longevity?

Self-care is a concept that through history has meant many different things. however, it is now used when talking about how we care for our mental, emotional, and physical health. Even though self-care has been used more for those suffering from a mental illness, we have to realize that self-care is very much important for everyone! It shouldn’t just be looked at as a treatment for those suffering, it should be looked at as preventative care for all. Yes, that includes the entrepreneurs of the world. For all the hustlers, and the move makers. I can even say that self-care is a crucial part of success and longevity.

Now, I get it! We have been fed this idea that you must work till you drop. That ”you can rest when your dead.” especially if you want to achieve success. Now yes, we want to achieve our dreams at all cost and nothing is going to stop us. I know as hustlers you might think that you must work 24/7. However, again, like I said in my previous blog that this kind of mentality has actually shown that mental illness is raising amount entrepreneurs.

The mentality that you will work hard for what you want is great! It takes hard work to achieve success. However, there is a difference between hard work and working till you drop.

If you really analyze successful people they all do the consider these 4 things.

1.Health is important to them

They understand that if they are not 100% healthy, they can’t give 100% of their effort. So they take care of their health by all means.

2. They don’t do it all they do what’s important.

Successful people understand the fact that strategic moves are better than trying to do it all. They focus on the important tasks and they delegate the one’s that are not. They understand that spreading themselves too thin never works. Because when we do we make no one happy and we allow things to slip through the cracks .

3.They self care daily

The successful and happy people self care daily! If we analyze any successful person’s routine working out, reading, or/and meditating will be part of their routine . That my friends is taking care of their physical, emotional, and mental health. Self caring is the foundation to a fulfilled person.

4. They are selfish in order to give more.

Okay so we have for so long viewed selfish ness like a negative thing. We love the givers because they give, give ,and give. However, we have to realize that we can’t give from an empty cup. Successful people put themselves first in the sense that they make sure they are full, they are making sure they okay so they can give more without ending up drained.

All those points are how successful people take care of their mental, emotional, and physical health! So we can agree that the more self care we do, the more we look after ourselves, and the more we look after our physical, mental, and emotional health we are able to give more, do more, and last longer. So, what kind of activities can we do to self care daily?

I like to think of these activities as anything that de stresses , energizes, and centers you. Here are 36 ideas for self care..

Written By: Lupita G.

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