Gratitude-Why It Matters

It’s December you guys! Its been a minute since I have written a blog. I took some time to reflect, organize and truly take a moment to realize the amazing changes in my life. I have been through a beautiful healing and transformation process and it was time to take a moment and breath. This month I want to share how I organized, refocused, and set myself up for the new year. I want to help you focus on setting your energy physically, mentally, and emotionally for the new year and for a better life.

We are not only starting a new year on January 1st, but it is also a new decade. Let that sink in! If there is something you have been thinking of doing, do it! If you want to do something bold and big, now is the time. If you have been needing to clear spaces, people, situations, circumstances, or behaviors. Guess what? this is the time!

I wanted to start our December blogs with the first step to setting up ourselves for the new year , which is gratitude.

Growing up, my family was a hard core catholic family. So as a young girl I was taught that the first thing we do after we open our eyes is to give thanks for a new day. Now, back then this ritual was something I didn’t think about. It was more of I was told to do it so I did it. I know many are in this same boat. You say you are grateful but its done because you are told this is what you do. You say you are grateful and done, one task more. Or you say it, you get this warm feeling right when you say it but five minutes later it is gone. Back to the stress, the feeling unfulfilled, and unsatisfied. That is no way of living!

Recently I have understood the power of gratitude. The impact it can have on the way we see our current reality, our future, and our past. Now I’ve written a blog about how we can change our past, if you want to check it out for a more in depth information about that here is the link (6 ways you can change your past and have a better future . ) Lets focus on gratitude for now. Gratitude is important because it allows us to do a couple things. It allows us be aware, to be intentional, to take inventory, to heal, and to attract good things in our life. Gratitude is not just about seeing whats good in your life in a superficial level.


Gratitude makes us aware, it allows us to be present. Your body and mind is no longer in habitual mode. We actually have to think “okay, what has happened and is happening in my life.” We live in such a fast pace world that slowing down and really looking at all the good things that happen in our lives gets forgotten. We run from one place to the next. From one accomplishment to another that before we know it we are burn out, resentful, and we end up feeling unfulfilled. Awareness through gratitude allows us to celebrate our small victories and it allows us to feel more confident because we feel god/universe has been good to us and is on our side. Which means it will continue to be on our side. Gratitude also helps us become more aware of two things, our blessing and our lessons.


Awareness allow you stop and look but intention tells you what to look at. I think awareness and intention always go hand in hand no matter what you are doing. We must be intentional when we look at our lives. What are you looking for? You are looking for accomplishments, lessons, good things whether small or big. Things that confirm we have a good life. Now before you tell me, “Okay Lupita, but I don’t have a good life!” Lets talk about taking inventory.


I think gratitude helps us assess life in a more loving way. Many will think that life is either good or bad. They look at their life as a black or white picture. We are either up or down , I certainly use to think so. The moment I shifted my thinking though, life also changed. Life is more complex than good or bad right? Then why do we want to categorize life like this so badly? Now I think that in life there are two things, blessings and lessons. It is our task to be intentional and recognize which is which, we take inventory. If we take anything in life as these two things then nothing in life is just a bad moment and there is nothing you can’t turn around to benefit you. Let me explain.


Good blessings are easy to recognize right? It’s the good things in life. It’s the promotion, the happy family, your health, the happy moments. However, it’s harder to look at the trauma, hardships, and moments that break us in this grateful light. I know it’s hard to even address them I’ve been there. When we are going through hard times we go through the motion of life, hurt, resentful, and just trying to survive. The problem with not addressing it and finding the lesson is that we tend to then repeat events that hurt us again and again.

When we look at life as lessons and blessings we can now be intentional to pause and look at what we learned from those hard moments. So when we take inventory and we really look at our life, the good is great and the bad will turn into lessons, which in return will become a blessings. Now look at your life! It’s a much positive one. The events don’t change what changes is your perspective of it and there for you also change the outcome of your life.


The more we look at the good in life, the more we turn the bad into positives, then the more good we will attract. It’s not that everything we encounter will be gold. It’s that we will turn everything we encounter into gold. The moment we realize that we have the power to take control of our lives we no longer wait around for God to give to us. God/universe give us opportunities, it is in us to make of it what we want.

To think that we are able to change our outlook in life and create transformation for ourselves is incredible. It begins with one simple but powerful action, gratitude.

So, how can we practice gratitude?

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that every Sunday I share what I am grateful for on my stories. I also do a poll to ask whether people feel grateful or not that day. I will tell you that this causes people to think. Also, when people stop and answer they acknowledge how they feel. The more I ask the more these polls change. It starts by being aware.

  • I practice gratitude at least once a week. I look at three things that I am grateful for. This can be big or small
  • I then place myself back into those feelings. (I got this technique from the amazing Brendon Burchard and it has helped my gratitude routine a lot)

For example, this week I am grateful for the opportunity I had to host thanksgiving dinner at my place. I had such a good time. I place myself emotionally back there again. It reminded me why I am grateful for that moment. The weeks I feel not so good and I feel grateful to just be alive, I take a deep breath and exhale slowly. I am alive. That’s is a blessing!

  • So after saying what you are grateful for, ask why you are grateful for those things.
  • Then determine how it impacted your day/ life
  • If you had a bad week ask yourself what you learned. Then see the blessings it is to learn that lesson.
  • write it all down. You can write it in a journal. There are special planners that you can buy that help you keep track of your entries. Just write it down. Writing it down will help you have something to look back when you are having a bad day. Life is not about it always being good, its about you always finding the good in life.

Remember, you can do this!

written by: Lupita G.

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