Setting Intentions And Goals For 2020

The closer we get to the end of the year, the more we can feel the excitement for 2020 in the air. There are those that criticize people who get excited for the new year. They see no point on getting excited, setting goals, then flaking on them by February. I disagree with that. Optimism should never be shunned. People who get excited are showing sign of willingness to change. Willingness to aspire for more than they currently have. The problem is not the excitement, the problem is the execution.

So, What’s the difference between intentions and goals?

Intentions is the bigger picture. What are you trying to accomplish for 2020? This is where you get to think big. Limited thinking shouldn’t exist in your intentions. Which is why we focused in the previous blogs on releasing the negative in our lives. Resentment, pain, traumas, and negativity limit our possibilities. So if you haven’t checked out those blogs I suggest you do. Letting Go For A Good 2020

Gratitude- Why It Matters

The less baggage we have, the higher we can fly! With intentions the process is simple. You create, believe it can happen, and release them. Intentions are things you should never obsess over. According to the law of attraction and physics, the more you obsess, the further they will become.

Goals on the other hand are the everyday work that will make it happen. They are the breakdown of your intentions. You break them down so you don’t obsess over the bigger picture. Because what happens when you do obsess? You no longer live in the present. You live anxious about the future. You focus on what needs to be done today, you live in the present, that’s how you make your intentions happen. So what are the top 6 mistakes when setting intentions and goals?

1.Thinking only on what you want to accomplish

The new year comes around and we make a laundry list of thing we want. I want to travel, I want to have more money. There is a quote that I love that says,

The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people

Charles T. Munger

You have to think not only on what you would like to attract or accomplish but of who you want to become. Those two things go hand in hand. The bigger the dream, the bigger the person you must be.

2. Limiting yourself

Setting you intentions and goals small will only bring small results. When it comes to your intentions think big! If your intention are big so should your goals. Sometimes people set small goals and intentions to avoid disappointment, I have done it. However, I want you to give yourself more credit. If you set big goal and intentions that will tell your mind it needs to get to work. In the contrary if you set small your mind will slack off, your efforts will drop.

3. Being vague

You can’t just say I want a good life and I want to be a good person. I have talked to you about how our brain works. The brain needs specific instructions. What do you consider a good life? What do you do or have? Who is surrounding you? How does it feel to have this good life?

*The feeling is so important. That’s what will allow you to not only stay motivated. It will also attract it into your life faster. If the brain needs specific instructions and it doesn’t know what is real and what is not, then guess what? By you setting your intentions your telling your brain this is what you want, your emotion and thoughts will tell it what is, and your action will make it happen.

4. Mindset that kills everything

There are a couple mindset mistakes that can make your intentions and goals not happen.

1. Why?

Why are you doing all this anyway? Your intentions better have intention or they are just a wish list. The same with your goals. Goals without purpose are just things your doing to kill time. So every intention must be specific, with emotion, and purpose.

3. Feeling you have to

Once you set your intentions you get all excited! You set your goals and you look at the actual work that needs to be done. Soon enough you start dragging the work. You start to feel you have to do the work. No, no, no. You get to do it. “ get to” comes from a grateful place. “Have to” on the other hand comes from a dreadful place. Again, remember that our brains don’t know what’s real and what’s not. By you dreading the work you are telling your mind “okay, this is something that is not good for us” and it won’t make it happen.

4. Not practicing gratitude

So if dreading the work tells your brain that your goals and intentions are not good for you. Gratitude tells your brain this is something that is good for you and it will give you more of it. Not only will gratitude help your brain, it helps the universe/ God know this is what you want. That energy of gratitude also transcends to other people. By making yourself better and working on your goals, you in return are inspiring others to do the same. To think it all starts with Gratitude

5. Not maintaining the excitement

Not celebrating along the way makes you feel like your climbing Mount Everest with blindfolds on. You feel like the climb never ends and you don’t know where you stand in the journey. However, celebrating your small wins is how you show gratitude. It also keeps you motivated! Helps you stay in the feeling, the excitement, the centered mindset. Plus you will be working hard, you deserve a pat in the back.

6. Telling dream killers

Telling your friend who always finds flaws in everything won’t be productive. Remember that with your intentions you should think big. Limiting minds not allowed. Instead tell people who are also trying to achieve great things. They will also be on that same energy wave and you can keep each other accountable!

2020 is the year you achieve everything you ever wanted because this time you have the tools, mindset, and the support to do it. Let’s make 2020 not only the best year yet but also the beginning to an amazing decade. This is your moment. Remember, you can do this!

Written by: Lupita G.

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