12 Must Do Things To Have A Great 2021

Happy New year! Welcome to 2021. I hope you had a holiday season full of health and love. 2020 was such a bizarre year wasn’t it? We endured so much and learned even more. It was the year of uncomfortable growth, of facing ourselves in the mirror, and realizing what’s truly important. If you are reading this and you survived this last year with some level of sanity and your health consider yourself blessed. So, you’ve made it to 2021, now what?

Where do we go from here? And how do we make this the best year of our lives? First thing is to shake off the fear of proclaiming 2021 as your best year yet. I know 2020 left our enthusiasm a bit bruised up. However, the only way to have a good year is to make it your mission to have a good year. Despite the challenges and your falls throughout the year. I tell you this as I quarantine along my little ones because we tested positive for COVID. It is understandable that not everything will be peachy. There will be moments that will be difficult. However, I don’t want you to give up on yourself. Choose to prevail and to live today as what it is, a blessing.

Also, keep in mind that just because we hit 2021 things don’t magically change. You must have the courage to do what it takes to make your current situation change. So, what exactly are those actions and what are some things you should do to have a good year? Here are 12 must do things to have a successful, happy, and meaningful year. No matter what success and happiness looks like for you.

Change/ Growth mindset

I know this seems kind of an obvious point but you might be surprised how much people want to change around them without changing themselves. Your circumstance can’t change without you shifting something you do. 2021 should be the year you embrace change. Embrace the idea of unlearning old patterns, behaviors, and habits. The idea of questioning yourself more often. Now, questioning doesn’t have to become an activity of shame and regret. To question more often is simply to be more conscious, more intentional, and to check in with yourself. So often we live life on autopilot, being in spaces and people yet not really being there. That must shift for you to truly understand what must be addressed and what you are already kicking ass at.

No resolutions

The idea of resolutions feels to me like fast food for a better life. It’s something that you buy into for a small period of time. After a couple of weeks without results, you give up and you go back to what you were doing before. That’s not the point here. Instead what we should be doing is being intentional.

Creating intentions sounds different. It is about being aware, about living with purpose. You may be saying Lupita, intentions, goals, resolutions, aren’t they the same thing? Not quite actually. So, what is the difference between resolutions, goals, and intentions?

  • Resolutions: Tend to be in the moment, hyped determination to do certain things. Resolutions also tend to have no direction on how you will accomplish things. It’s a vague goal or an overview of what you want your life to look like.
  • Goals: Are something you can measure and track. This is why people tend to lean towards goals. You set a goal, steps to get there, and a deadline. It is an exterior achievement of what you want your life to look like.
  • Intentions: This is deeper than a goal or resolutions. It’s your approach to life, yourself, and others. The way you live your everyday life. . It’s a… lifestyle switch

Lifestyle switch

If you truly believe you want to shift the trajectory of your life it must be a deep dive not a dipping of your toes. That’s why I tend to lean towards intentions rather than just goals now. I want to shift my life, not check off things. If 2020 taught us anything is that it’s not about the outer things but instead the quality of life you live. Think about that when you set your intentions. What is the quality of life you would like from now on?

Trust me, once you see the shift in your life by living intentionally, you won’t want to stop in 2021. You will continue to create intentions and work on the lifestyle you would like. You won’t reach perfection on your first try and as you embrace change you will come to understand that every season in life will require different lifestyles from you. Decide what you want your life to look like now and set intentions that reflect that.


You have no idea how much holding on to pain, grudge, and sorrow can block blessings. Think of it this way, a fist that is too busy holding on to crap can’t be open and receive. Forgive others and most importantly forgive yourself. Motivational speaker Lisa Nichols says it best when she says

“I forgive” releases you from blame, shame, regret, and anger.

Lisa Nichols

Let go

Let go of the idea that you have to run at a thousand miles per hour, 24/7, to get things done. Let go of the old thinking that everything has to feel like you’re pushing a big-ass rock up a hill for your success (whatever success is to you) to be valid. Let go of any beliefs that tell you that the new life you desire is not for you, or that you are not enough to achieve it. Even let go of the clutter.

  • in your mind
  • your space
  • your friendships
  • your social medias
  • and your devices

Let it all go! If your new lifestyle doesn’t have you moving, thinking, and vibing differently we need to talk about whether you intend to make 2021 your year. I want to see you reach limits that when you look back you say “Wow! I did that!”

Invest in yourself

I can’t stress this enough, invest in yourself! You are the most important person in your life. You are the most important invest you have. Treat yourself as such! In order to show up in the best way possible for others you must first show up in the best way possible for yourself. The way you spend your resources, time, and money matter. Every day you should do at least one thing that is an investment of your time, resources, or money for you. This can look like

  • self-care
  • books, courses, etc
  • buying yourself something that will boost your confidence
  • spending time to relax
  • spending time with a mentor

Build a tribe

We’ve all heard the quote that says we are the people we surround ourselves with. This couldn’t be truer. The other day I heard a different perspective that drove this point home for me. Which is, we must watch who we surround ourselves with because just like you create your reality with your thoughts, so do they. Their reality is bound to spill into yours. We might not be able to control what others create or attract but we do have control of who we allow around us. Surround yourself with people that can hold space for you without judgement on your journey and whom you can hold and support through their growth as well. Release this idea that change and venturing out to bigger things means you must be alone or that it is a lonely road. Yes, circles might get smaller because our focus is quality not quantity. However, it does not have to be lonely. There is a huge emphasis on community now. Who is your community? Make sure they align with your journey. The right group of people have the power to make massive amounts of growth.

Practice gratitude

A grateful heart attracts so much more. Gratitude will allow you to notice the things that are going your way. Gratitude is proven to improve your mood, help reduce stress, and will allow you to have a different perspective on any situation.

The key to doing gratitude in a way that gives you the best results is to feel it. Reconnect with the moment, things, or places that you are grateful for. This will allow your brain to release dopamine and serotonin which are feel-good hormones. I always close my eyes and reconnect.

Be okay to suck

Nothing is achieved on the first try. Be okay with sucking at first, be okay with not having it all figured out. Be okay with trial and error. Once we make this shift in mindset, we understand that this is not a destination but instead a journey. I promise you it will save you a load of frustration and feeling like you are not enough because you didn’t reach things on the first try. Which again, is why intentions are better than resolutions. This is also why I tell you that you must dive in all the way.

Have discipline

Making 2021 your year will take a lot of discipline and I won’t sugar code that. To be the best version of yourself you must learn to say no to everything that doesn’t align with what you want to be. It will take discipline to wake up and be intentional. You even need the discipline to remind yourself to rest and recharge. Mel Robbins says that we must parent ourselves and quite frankly that’s kind of how it feels at times. It is about lovingly getting after ourselves to do the things we may not want to do at the moment but know will result in us living the best version of ourselves.

Value your time

This idea that you must do a million and one things to make your efforts count makes it a thing of the past. The concept that busy is good won’t get you far. Busy doesn’t equal being productive. Value your time enough to be efficient, to do things that you enjoy. Most importantly value your time enough to not waste it in spaces, people, or in circumstances that don’t align with your intentions.


Whether you like to do goals or intentions, accountability is something you can’t run away from. The difference I believe between accountability in goals and intentions is the way you check in. When living intentionally, you are constantly given the opportunity to ask yourself if things align. In goals the check-in is more periodically.

Whatever it is, I want you to shift the mindset on accountability. It’s not this scary thing. It is opportunity to remind, check-in, and be in control. Remind yourself what you want your new life to be. You check-in, honestly ask what is working, and adjust. You get to be on the driver’s seat.


Allow yourself to fully immerse in the journey. Enjoy learning about your best version of yourself. Learn from your mistakes, embrace change, and just enjoy 2021! Times are not easy but dare to go for everything you deserve. Have the audacity to dream big, to be you, and to step into your authentic self. A high vibrational self.

2021 will be your year!

Written by Lupita G.

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