Energy- 15 Tips To Optimze Your Energy

Energy is your essence, it is a sum of what you have decided to give your time, attention, and effort.

This past couple of weeks the word energy has been in my conversations. From conserving your energy in my Mental health with a chronic illness blog. To my social media post about following your purpose and what truly energizes you. It is clear that energy is an important component in any situation. So if it is crucial how do we cleanse, generate and transform our energy? Not only physical, but mental, and spiritual as well.

First and foremost we must evaluate our energy and really determine where we are. Are we energized or are we living an un-energized life? Are we giving our time and attention to the correct people, activities, and causes?

The best way to do this is by documenting your day. I recommend you start an energy journal where at least every other day you dot down major activities, a small description of it, and how energized and engaged you were. Documenting your thoughts, ideas, days, and progress has been proven to bring people not only insight, but also clarity.

From the book: Design your life :how to build a well-lived, joyful life
For templates to document your life you can go to Design your life

Remember, we want to be living a fulfilled life no matter our current circumstances. Journaling is the best way to identify what is draining your energy and what is energizing it.

Draining Things

Have you ever finished a task that is not physically demanding but gets you exhausted? Or when you hang out with someone and for some reason you end up tiered mentally? These my friend are toxic things and unknowingly are causing damage. Not only mentally, spiritually, but also physically. These activities, purposes, and people are sucking time and attention from you without getting much in return.These can even cause stress which can actually weaken the immune system and lead to physical damage. Not to mention they mess with your inner peace. This can be things like negative friends, home task, answering work emails. You must be careful with these. To me this is very important to observe because my hashimotos already means my immune system is weak. I don’t need draining things to take that to another level. Draining things can make you lose focus if you are trying to pursue success as well.


Then you have activities that no matter how demanding they are physically or mentally they actually recharge you. They make you happy, they distress you. Those are the things you must explore. Because that can actually be something you can transform into your purpose. When I began to document what energized me I realized that it was helping people that energized me. It made me feel useful and happy. I also enjoyed being creative, it filled me spiritually. Once we are able to see what energizes us we can then transform it into a purpose. Into something that moves us forward for change, success, and life happiness.

Plan your Energy

Now, there are things in life that you just can’t get away from, and ways to optimize your day to where you get the best out of your day. Even if there are certain family members, work responsibilities, bills that drain you, you can make it to where they are not draining all your energy. As someone with a chronic illness it was crucial for me to find ways to optimize on my day since my energy physically was limited. I learned to plan my day. So here are a couple tips.

  1. Do not check emails first thing in the morning!You do not want to start your day draining your energy
  2. Instead do creative things first thing in the morning. Activities that need your full attention.
  3. Limit your time you spend with toxic people
  4. Generate the energy you desire. Be positive, kind. Allow your energy to powerful. Pre determine how you want to show up in situations. Toxic people will begin to read on that and will be able to let them know you don’t have time for toxicity.
  5. Set boundaries. Don’t allow your emails and outside things, who always want your attention, to drain your energy. Set boundaries. Don’t allow other people’s emergencies become yours. If you are out of the office, you are out of the office.
  6. Make more time for hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to determine what energizes you. You can even explore how you can turn a hobbies into a calling.
  7. Take breaks. Brandon Burchard always says that in order to stay focused and not lose energy you must take moments to recharge. He recommends to take a moment every hour to stand up. Walk around and refocus.
  8. Meditate. Meditation is a great way to distress and recharge your energy. It allows us to regain focus.
  9. As I mentioned before, journal. Make notes of what is causing drainage and what is energizing you. Allow yourself to declutter the mind.
  10. Stay active- physical activity not only helps recharge you physically, but it destresess you.
  11. Have a morning and evening routine. The way you start and end your day help so much in maitaing a healthy energy level. Set yourself up for success.
  12. Eat healthy- we all know the benefits of a healthy diet on your body but it also helps you mentally. It helps you feel more focused, less tiered, more acomplished. Healthy habits lead to more healthy choices. It’s a donino effect of good things.
  13. Watch less news. Being informed is great but understand news are meant to sell. Tragedies sell, drama sells. Watching constant tragedies can actually drain you and they can make you feel hopeless. There have been studies done on people that watch constant news and their outlook on life actually dropped. Be careful with that.
  14. Set goals. Then don’t have to be life goals. You can start by week goals. When you do this it forces you to plan your day in order to accomplish it. It allows you to prioritize your energy on things that matter.
  15. Ultimately, do less of what drains you and more of what energizes you.

Begin to implement these tips and watch your energy, stress levels, and happiness change. Understand that with more energy, you can pursue a better life. Optimize your 24 hours to help you win. Remember, you can do this!

Written by: Lupita G.

📸By: Riccardo Annandale/ Bill Burnett & Dave Evans.

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